Craftsman Table Saw Blade Guard

I consider the Craftsman Table Saw Blade Guard as my best friend when I’m using my favorite tool in my wood shop. No one is going to argue with me when I say that the table saw is one of the most dreaded tools in the world.People’s fear of table saws is not without basis. After all, this tool is capable of causing the most horrific accidents in the wood shop regardless if you are an experienced woodworker or a neophyte and aspiring handyman. Indeed, the lawsuits that have resulted from table saw accidents are solid proofs of the danger that this tool poses to the lives of workers. That being said, the tool is not entirely to blame for all the accidents that have been caused by table saws for even a measuring tape can be a dangerous tool in the hands of a careless user.

Save Lives With Craftsman Table Saw Blade Guard

Table saws can cause kickbacks when ripping. Hence, manufacturers always advise people to wear protective gears and accessories when using a table saw. Goggles, push sticks, featherboards, and blade guards or splitters. All these accessories are designed to keep workers safe from flying wood, kickbacks, and dust.

The importance of using blade guards can never be over emphasized. This table saw accessory serves multiple purposes in ensuring the safety of workers. Aside from its main aim of keeping the blade from rotating while ripping, a blade guard also doubles as a dust collector. Table saws have their own dust collection system but this is usually confined to preventing the dust thrown below the table from spreading. On the other hand, the blade guard blocks the dust that the table saw throws above the table. Hence, with a guard in place, dust collection is taken care of thoroughly.

Choosing The Right Blade Guard

Blade guards come in various materials and sizes. What type of guard you install for your table saw is immaterial. What is important is that the guard fits the saw blades perfectly. Some guards come in clear plastic, while others are made of metal or wood.

When To Use Your Craftsman Table Saw Blade Guard

We woodworkers usually have a lot of things going on in our minds when we are doing a project or job. Hence, there is a big chance that we would forget to use the blade guards when we are using a table saw. Hence, to avoid accidents, it is important to always put the guards in place whether the saw is operating or not. As they say, when it comes to operating a table saw, it is better to err on the side of safety. read more