Electric toothbrushes for babies and toddlers

Dental hygiene is essential for all of us, but instilling a good dental regime from an early age is a great way to train your child to take care of their teeth for themselves. A baby electric toothbrush is one of the best ways to get your child interested in brushing.

When should children start brushing?

You should start a hygiene regime even before baby’s first teeth come through. Run a clean, soft, damp washcloth around baby’s gums. Bacteria could be lurking that could be harmful to baby’s teeth before they even appear!

Electric toothbrushes for teething

There are electric toothbrushes that will massage baby’s gums, which is particularly soothing when they’re teething. Some baby electric toothbrushes have super-soft silicon bristles and are shaped like a toy that are safe for your baby to use for themselves – obviously, with supervision. There are no detachable parts so there’s nothing for baby to choke on. Find out more about them here.

These special baby electric toothbrushes are safe to use before their teeth appear and can encourage your children to enjoy brushing their teeth from a really early age.

Be like mommy!

All parents know that getting your child to brush their teeth can cause big tantrums! Giving your child an electric toothbrush is a great way to be like mommy or daddy. Tell them that this is how grown-ups clean their teeth and praise them for a job well done. (Don’t reward them with a cookie!)

Don’t be afraid of gimmicks!

If you child is a fan of Frozen, get them a Frozen tooth-brush. All big family movie franchises are desperate to shift merchandise. So, whatever they’re into, there will be some kind of related dental products available. It might be toothpaste, or could just be stickers, so customise their existing electric toothbrush if a new one isn’t available.

Don’t feel bad about buying into the capitalist machine! Your baby’s teeth are important.

Guide baby’s first brush

When you first start to brush baby’s teeth, they’ll be too young to do it for themselves.

Use the toothbrush to clean the teeth, but also to massage their gums. After you’ve finished brushing, let them play with the tooth brush – they’re likely to emulate the brushing action in some way for themselves. Obviously, keep the “play” do a minimum, especially if the head of the electric toothbrush has detachable parts – never leave them unsupervised! read more

Table Saw Review 2017 – Full Buyer’s Guide

Craftsman Table Saw Blade Guard

I consider the Craftsman Table Saw Blade Guard as my best friend when I’m using my favorite tool in my wood shop. No one is going to argue with me when I say that the table saw is one of the most dreaded tools in the world.People’s fear of table saws is not without basis. After all, this tool is capable of causing the most horrific accidents in the wood shop regardless if you are an experienced woodworker or a neophyte and aspiring handyman. Indeed, the lawsuits that have resulted from table saw accidents are solid proofs of the danger that this tool poses to the lives of workers. That being said, the tool is not entirely to blame for all the accidents that have been caused by table saws for even a measuring tape can be a dangerous tool in the hands of a careless user.

Save Lives With Craftsman Table Saw Blade Guard

Table saws can cause kickbacks when ripping. Hence, manufacturers always advise people to wear protective gears and accessories when using a table saw. Goggles, push sticks, featherboards, and blade guards or splitters. All these accessories are designed to keep workers safe from flying wood, kickbacks, and dust.

The importance of using blade guards can never be over emphasized. This table saw accessory serves multiple purposes in ensuring the safety of workers. Aside from its main aim of keeping the blade from rotating while ripping, a blade guard also doubles as a dust collector. Table saws have their own dust collection system but this is usually confined to preventing the dust thrown below the table from spreading. On the other hand, the blade guard blocks the dust that the table saw throws above the table. Hence, with a guard in place, dust collection is taken care of thoroughly.

Choosing The Right Blade Guard

Blade guards come in various materials and sizes. What type of guard you install for your table saw is immaterial. What is important is that the guard fits the saw blades perfectly. Some guards come in clear plastic, while others are made of metal or wood.

When To Use Your Craftsman Table Saw Blade Guard

We woodworkers usually have a lot of things going on in our minds when we are doing a project or job. Hence, there is a big chance that we would forget to use the blade guards when we are using a table saw. Hence, to avoid accidents, it is important to always put the guards in place whether the saw is operating or not. As they say, when it comes to operating a table saw, it is better to err on the side of safety. read more

Robot Vacuum Buyer’s Guide


Are you looking to purchase a robot that will clean your house? Maybe you are still not so sure about what type of robot to buy and what exactly makes the best robot vacuum.

If you are searching for an ultimate buyer’s guide, look no further. We will walk you through the essentials of robot vacuums and tell you which one to buy.Best robot vacuum

There are key factors that need to be considered before you decide to purchase a vacuum robot. If you have never done this before, here are some:

  • Maintenance

Be reasonable with your expectations. Even though this is a robot, it needs some maintenance time. It needs to be cleaned, bin emptied, battery recharged and replaced over certain time.

The newer the robot you buy, the less maintenance you will need to do. A lot of the new versions has brought us the set of improvements such as filtration and extracting.

However, that does not mean it will do everything itself.

Remember that you will need to buy replacement parts. Robot vacuums often fail after a period of time, and all of the biggest manufacturers have a secondary market where you can purchase a part that is broken. You do not need to send your robot back to its original manufacturer.

With a countless number of Internet tutorials, replacing a part is a piece of cake.

  • Auto-scheduling

Some of the newer robot vacuums have the power of auto-scheduling. This feature is vital for those who spend a lot of time out of the house.

Once you schedule your robot to clean daily, weekly or monthly and give it a particular time of the day to start, it will go automatic until you change its options.

Roomba 980Some of the newest versions like Roomba 980 or Botvac Connected have a remote app control. That gives you a chance of scheduling an entire house cleanup with your smartphone. (source)

  • Charging the battery

Robot vacuums run on batteries. They need to be often re-charged, and that is why a battery life plays a big role when purchasing a robot vacuum.

When buying a robot vacuum, keep in mind that it must have a minimum run-time of 60 minutes. Anything less than that is unacceptable, and it will waste more time than necessary. read more